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AVG 2012 Full

AVG Anti-Virus has gone through many changes over the years but is still one of the handiest free antivirusprograms available for personal users.

Despite being a free security tool, AVG Anti-Virus is as good as any paid anti-virus app. It features a bunch of dedicated modules to protect you from antivirus, spyware and rootkits and spam, and also includes the so calledLinkScanner – an extra layer of protection that checks search results and web links to make sure they’re safe. In recent years, the developers have added more intrusive features that try to intefere with browser settings such as your preferred search engine but overall, it still remains a good anti-virus option.

AVG Antivirus remains a perfect security solution for the average computer user, providing a powerful weapon against viruses.


  • Works silently in the background
  • Frequent automatic updates
  • Includes anti-spyware tool, email protection and web browsing filter
  • Provides social network protection
  • Desktop widget

  • Nagging registration window
  • Doesn’t include all the features of the Professional version
  • Tries to modify browser settings during installation
  • No Firewall

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